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Engaged Learners (Proverbs 24: 3-6)

Build a strong foundation by striving to master the basic skills in core subjects.

Seeks wisdom by participating in class activities and discussions.

Offers to help others to understand how to solve problems.

Completes work thoroughly and on time.


Grades will be emailed every two weeks.  Please contact the teacher if you have any concerns. 

Name Title
Allegan, Sandra
Alvarez, Rebecca Kindergarten Teacher
Aversa, Mayra Second Grade Teacher
Avila-Perez, Kassandra
Garcia, Estefania
Guevara, Katya 2nd Grade Teacher
Harvill, Marcy Lionshare
Marquez, Santiago Teacher
Mellis, Carol Band
Pelak, Molly
Quihuis, Roberta Pre-School
Rios, Griselda Teacher
Rodriguez, Cruz
Saenz, Alonso Pastor
Schromm, Lisa
Standerfer, Rita Assistant Principal
Strohmeyer, Katherine
Ulisch, Anita Pre-Kindergarten
Valdez, Briana Administrator
Wilkin, Claudia First Grade Teacher
Zarate, Ana Principal